Musication 5 Live Stream Video

Musication 5 was one for the record books. With over 40+ artists and creatives sharing their passion, the entire 5050 Skatepark was packed. If you missed it or just want to relive the experience Makerpark Radio Livestreamed the entire event!

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Throwback 5050 Day Edit by Freddie Caramanico (2012)

Jon Reyes Teaching someone how to backflip!

Watch this cool edit of Jon Reyes and Friends.



Projectivity’s 5th Annual Musication Event This Friday 7PM

Musication 5 at 5050 Skatepark This Friday

“The 5th Annual Musication Festival is here and this year’s theme is DANCE! The Musication Festival has been instrumental in showcasing youth performers and artists along with the professional musicians and artists from Staten Island, NYC, and beyond. Each year raises money for the LARK Fund, a mini-grant designed to provide money to public schools and non-profits for music equipment, instruments, repairs, speakers, etc” _Projectivity
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AWOLNATION – Passion Video with Skate Boarding in it

Brooklyn Banks Ledge Project

We donated ramps to the Brooklyn Banks.