Nick Lindsay-Abaire edit

5050 local Nick Lindsay-Abaire drops a sick edit.

Simple Session 17 Is Coming

How to Hydro Dip Scooter Parts

Will Cashion and Clayton Lindley show the process of hydro dipping various scooter parts.

5050 Skatepark Pins Are Here

5050 Skatepark pin collection includes 5050 Skatepark Shield Logo, Staten Island “Aloha” pin, and the newly added 5050 Pedal pins (available in green, blue, black, and red). All can be purchased in store or online at Only $5.00 each.

How to build a scooter



I made a video where I show you how to build an entire scooter

5050 Skatepark Oldman Night 12-22-16

Riders Are Paul Martin, Chris Angotti, Charlie Quigley, Cameron Robins, Ed Pollio, Steve Quigley, Alex Avilla.
Song – Studio by NAS and School Boy Q
Edit by Ed Pollio/ Charlie Quigley

Tilt Scooters Takes Toronto

Scooter Ride Through 5050 Skatepark

5050 Boxing Ring

We are more than just A Skatepark.
Damian Quinones against Dylan Lorentz
Watch the locals battle it out.

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Breaking Free Skatepark Grand Opening Tommorow

Formerly rasp skatepark breaking free skatepark is opening Tomorrow.

1044 University Ave, 14607 Rochester, NY

Here is the gofundme.

Jon deVrind | Manual Labor

I think Jon deVrind best street rider ever! So many combos!