Welcome to 5050 Skatepark

New York City’s only indoor skatepark. Located in the Stapleton neighborhood of Staten Island, only one mile from the Staten Island Ferry and around the corner from the Stapleton train station. The custom built 8,000 square foot recreation center is open year-round to all alternative sports.

At 5050 Skatepark you can expand your skills in a creative and safe environment. Daily riding sessions start at $12.00. All day rate is $20.00. Memberships, private parties, lessons, summer camp and awards contests are available throughout the year. In addition to extreme sports, 5050 Skatepark is available for private events including but not limited to: Live musical performances, photo shoots, music videos, fundraisers, and movie premieres.

All participants MUST HAVE a helmet and waiver filled out and signed by parent. Children under 11 years old should be accompanied by parent.



Past, Present, Future of 5050 Skatepark Through Angelica Popolano


For those of you who weren’t able to attend last nights Inspire You Series held by the NYC Parks Department, Angelica Popolano presented a brief story highlighting the past, present, and future of 5050 Skatepark.

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Florideah Swamp Fest 2017 – In The Cut: DIG BMX

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If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend one of the Ghetto Street comps in the early 2000’s, the 2017 Florideah Swamp Fest is basically this decade’s version, with some Florida flavor. Here’s a glimpse into the non-stop antics that went down all weekend long. The Swamp Fest proceeds also went to Scotty Cranmer’s recovery. Good times, good cause- winning combo. Shout-out to Trey Jones, Jeff Hunnicut, Ryan Herbach, Dave McDermott and the whole crew for putting on an awesome event.

Filmed and edited by Rob Dolecki.

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Gov Ball Lineup 2017

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Words by Scotty Cranmer
we survived the wildest BMX event ever! Our last day in Florida was spent at a backwoods location off of a dirt road where over a thousand BMX enthusiast showed up to have an amazing day partying and riding bikes! My good friend Trey Jones masterminded this event and he did not disappoint! We started out the day at 10 AM with big boy and Dom taking on one of the scariest ramps at the venue, the 10ft tall open loop! I was terrified for them but they were determined to get the back flip transfer done. After a few crashes each they both landed the loop and the crowd went crazy! Next the crew got next to the ramps for the jam session. Big boy started off the session trying a flair challenge and as the rest of the riders started to turn up the heat so did he! He tried a fake he from flip on a 10 foot of vert wall and crashed pretty hard but he got back up and tried it again and again and nearly burned his eyebrows off as someone sprayed fire him but he did land it at the very last second of the jam session! Next event was the 72 foot grind rail over alligator infested water! I did not think it was possible and a bunch of riders took on the challenge but Noah was the only person to make it. Then big boy found a ramp that jumped into the water so he couldn’t help himself but go higher than anybody else and do a crazy front flip bail straight into the deep part of the lake! It was insane! After that we watched the dirt jump session go down as guys were doing backflips, 360’s, tail whips, and having the best time doing them! It was so inspiring to meet so many amazing people we all had the time of our lives I hope there is a another one next year!