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SC: colinlikewhat…

BMX – 5050 Edit by Lucas Rusinak ShareEmbedEmai

Lucas Rusinak made this edit of his clips from 5050 Skatepark.
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Riders are Lucas Rusinak, Alex Avilla, Dom Simoncini, Charlie Quigley, Steve Quigley, Casey Sterling, Chris Special Dolan, Chris Angotti, Nick Gregoreadis, Mike Mehan, Doroba, Bupsy aka bupsy doodle, Nick Ponterio aka Spam, and Mikey Almodvar aka Smallfry

Halloween Jam Photos by Eric Isaksen

Halloween Jam


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McDonald’s 50 Nuggets Alex Avilla Challenge

BMX Riding with the Lost Boyz at 5050 Skatepark

Riders Charlie Quigley, Dom Simoncini, Alex Avilla, and Lucas (hippy) Rusinak

Filmed by Riders Edit by Charlie Quigley


Thanks to Bail Zombie for the sick Edit!

Riders Steve Quigley, Dom Simoncini, Alex Avilla, Casey Sterling, Mikey “SMALLFRY” Almodovar, Charlie Quigley, Spencer Lonergan, Jeff With Glasses, and John Bosco

LFS 2: Vinny Crispino And Alex Avilla

Too Many Skateparks

Happy to say I’ve been riding a ton again with a dope crew, some old friends and some new. This edit is the result of me hoarding every GoPro clip (all clips are filmed on a GoPro) we got for probably over a year now. Clips from all over the boroughs, Jersey, and even a bit of New Orleans.

Riders are lucas Rusinak, Alex Avilla, Steve Quigley Charlie Quigley, Marc Kachtan, Tom Lagressa, Andrew Paino and Nick Ponterio.

Song is West Coast by FIDLAR

Expect to see more edits this year.

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BMX- King Of New York 2016 Photos

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Here are the 2016 King of New York results:

Best trick on the box jump:
1. Casey Sterling
2. Justin Dowell
3. Lucas Rusinak
4. Alex Avilla
5. Mike Mehan

Best trick on the rail:
1. Alex Avilla
2. Casey Sterling
3. Mike Mehan
4. Chris Angotti
5. Steve Quigley

Best trick in the park:
1. Justin Dowell
2. Mike Mehan
3. Ryan Dowell
4. Steve Quigley
5. Spencer Lonergan

Rider of the night/King of New York:
1. Casey Sterling
2. Alex Avilla
3. Justin Dowell

BMX- Looking For Spots Crew x Oldman Night at 5050 Skatepark 2-4-2016

Watch the Looking For Spots Crew x Oldman Night on 2-4-2016
Filmed by Alex Avilla
Edit by Ed Pollio
Riders Alex Avilla, Mike Kleissler, Steve Jones, and Mike “Smallfry” Almodovar, Steve Kul, Special Chris Dolan, Casey Sterling, Turtle Wooten, Adam Hauck, Andrew Panio, and Spam Nick Ponterio
Song by Alexander Spit The Kids Are Bored.

LFS 2 Trailer and Jam December 12th at 5050


Found it here.

December 12th in the Looking For Spots Premiere and Jam at 5050 Skatepark.


If you can’t make it to the jam and want to buy a dvd. Hit this site now.