Scooter Jam During Spring Break


Vincent Cianni – We Skate Hardcore, Inline Skate Edit from 2008


The stunning photographs of We Skate Hardcore reveal the determination, the dreams, and the rough and tumble story of urban Latino youth coming of age in New York City. Vincent Cianni spent eight years photographing and documenting a group of Latino in-line skaters in the Southside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Cianni weaves together images of the skaters with their own words, showing the skaters’ struggles to find a place to skate and build skate parks, and just to survive in the city. In the evacuated industrial spaces of their neighborhood, the skaters carve out places for enjoying their sport and showing off their skills—often thwarting established rules and authority figures in the process. Their stories are both personal and resonant; they reflect the trials and tenacity of a young urban culture, as well as life in Southside’s Latino community.

Darren Harper AND Dhani Jones GRIND IT OUT at 5050 Skatepark

Dhani kickflips it with pro skater Darren Harper, who rose from the rough streets of Southeast DC to become “The Obama of Skateboarding”.

FBM Pedal Power Jam

Check out a sunday afternoon Parking lot session at Pedal Power Bike Shop in Richmond Virginia with the FBM crew,with riding from Latane Coghill, Eric Holladay, Shane Leeper, Dillon Leeper, Phil jones, Van Homan and friends…