Video – Animal Bikes Joe Tiseo Mural by Mike Tee

Animal Bikes Joe Tiseo Mural by Mike Tee at 5050 Skatepark
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Right before the Animal Bikes Halloween Jam Mike Tee did a Mural for Joe Tiseor and Animal.

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Ed Pollio and a couple tools of the trade that helped create his public DIY Mecca.
Intro and photos by Rob Dolecki

“New York City is one place that has never had an indoor park stick around for more than a few months. Attribute it to one of the most expensive square-foot rental rates in the world, or the abundance of new parks throughout the five boroughs; it’s probably one of the toughest places to pull it off.”  Read full article at DIG BMX

Auto Haas Behind The Scene with Adam Hauck

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Animal Bikes Halloween Jam and Joe Tiseo Birthday


3rd Annual Animal Bikes Jam

CNN Money – Story About Summer Youth at 5050 Skatepark. (Youth Employment Saves Lives)

CNN Money Story

Having a summer job may not give kids much of a financial leg up for the future, but it does help keep them out of trouble, according to a study published this week.
The study, which tracked the wages, mortality and incarceration rates of 200,000 14 to 26 year olds who applied or participated in New York’s youth employment programs, found that participants who held steady summer jobs were not only less likely to end up in prison, they were also more likely to stay alive.
“We were particularly surprised about the mortality results: In essence, the program saved about 20 lives per year over the four years that we studied,” wrote the researchers, who were from the Wharton School of Business, the University of California at Berkeley and U.S. Treasury Department.
To determine the number of lives saved, researchers compared the mortality rate of those who were offered a spot in the summer employment program between 2005 and 2008 and compared it with the mortality rates of those who did not end up participating in the program, said Judd Kessler, assistant professor of business economics and public policy at Wharton. In total, they saw a nearly 20% reduction in the mortality rate among those who participated in the program.
“Those of us who have been in this field for many years have always known intuitively that the program, while only a six-week program, kept people engaged and out of trouble,” said Bill Chong, New York City’s Commissioner of Youth and Community Development, which oversees the programs the researchers studied. “What I think surprised us from the study was the long-term impact.”
However, working during the summer did little to boost the participant’s future earnings potential or the likelihood that they would go on to enroll in college, the researchers found.

Read the whole Story Here.


Backyard Halfpipe

5050 Skatepark came 1100 miles to visit me in Louisiana, and while they were here, we built a 16 foot wide, 4 foot tall half pipe in my backyard. Heres a time-lapse of the process.


Markus sits down and talks about his time living and riding BMX in Barbados as a kid. How he met Nigel Sylvester at Afro Punk. Quiting his Job at Mcdonalds to ride his bike and work at Tyrone Williams bike shop (DahShop.) Lack of BMX Products in small Countries. His Brand Kortori. Getting hooked up by Sunday Bikes and working on Video Parts for AMPM and 718 Video.
Song shush by TEK.LUN

5050 Skatepark New Orleans Trip Edit

5050 Skatepark New Orleans Trip.
Take a look at this edit of the current state of the 9th Ward New Orleans in 2015. It has been 10 Years since Hurricane Katrina. Watch 5050 Skatepark as the explore the 9th Ward, French Quarter, and Above-Ground Tombs in New Orleans.
Fimed/Edit Ed Pollio
Song by ₵IƦ₵LƎ₱UȘĦEƦ.₵ØM

This Saturday! Deadzone Promotions Presents Polarity, Legends, To Live As Wolves, Memento, and North Runner

Deadzone Promotions Presents Polarity Legends Memento More Tea

Deadzone Promotions Presents Polarity Legends, To Live As Wolves, Memento, and North Runner October 17th at 6pm.


Last Years 5050 Skatepark Halloween Jam

Sunday Night – Tender Trap

Non-Profit benefit event

Please join us this Sunday night Oct. 11th at@DarrylNau‘s Tender Trap bar in Greenpoint Brooklyn (66 Greenpoint Ave) as we celebrate good times.
We will be viewing Glenn PP Milligan’s classic BMX film NY Hardcore, and having raffles and art to help raise a few dollars for our non-profit organization to continue our mission of making the park a great home for our community.
Free Genesse beer from 7-8, raffles, great art, and a dance party until 2AM with Joey Piazza Ampm and Dj Tek
For more info visit or follow us on instagram @mullalybikepark@tendertrapbk
#longlivemullaly #mullalybikepark