Grimaldo Duran is the man.  If you know him, you know what I am talking about. His energy will take you to another level. From his killer part in the first Animal video to the awesome experiences you will have riding or hanging out with him, you are in for something special.  For the last 6 years Grim has kept busy riding and running his bike shop, Legend Bikes Shop, in Lyndhurst, NJ.  Any day of the week you can stop in and talk BMX with Grim and his son George and feel like your part of the fam.

Words by Grim  Photos by Chris Marshall

I always wanted to open my own shop. I’ve been on two wheels my whole life. I love all types of bicycles, not just BMX. Even injuries over the years, I treat with riding road bikes. When the chance came to open up my own business I thought of it as, “The train only comes around once”, so I jumped on the opportunity. It was perfect timing and the location was only two towns over from where I was living. It’s been six years since I opened up the shop and it’s been better every year. The Shop is ran by the family. A family run business is the best for me, I know there not going to rob it. hahaha. Working with the family keeps us all together, it’s a lot of work and time we all put in but at the end of the day I wouldn’t have it any other way. – Grimaldo Duran

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