New Years Eve Lock In Jam This Wednesday!

New Years Eve Lock In JamNew Years Eve Lock In Jam This Wednesday!

5050 Skatepark Animal Bikes Jam Build Edit with 240 SX

Last year we modified a Nissan 240 into a ramp and a Down Rail.
What we 5050 Skatepark and Animal Bikes do this Year?

Febuary 7th, 2015

Save the Date!

CD Skateshop Event 12-13-14 @6pm

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CD Skateshop is having a Art show / Fundraiser on 12-13-14 Go and check it out!

Tomorrow Inspired By Us – Musication

Inspired By Us - Musication 11-14-14

5050 Skatepark 2014 Halloween Jam Edit

Musication Friday November 14 @ 5050 Skatepark

Inspired By Us Musication 11-14 – 14

Inspired By Us - Musication 11-14-14

Ryan Humphrey Show in Brooklyn

image@humphreyindustries show tomorrow in #Brooklyn 111 Front St 6pm – 9pm

5050 Skatepark Halloween Jam Edit

5050 Skatepark 2014 Halloween Jam Edit. from 5050 Skatepark on Vimeo.

Here is the 3rd annual 5050 Skatepark Halloween Jam Edit.

Riders are Dom Simoncini, Mike Klesissler, Grant Germain, Charlie Quigley, Alex Avilla, Anthony Derosa, and Nick Jones.

Filmed by The Riders Edited by Ed Pollio

October Special!

Anyone wearing a Halloween costume gets half off admission. Bacon ipsum dolor amet shankle spare ribs porchetta turkey frankfurter, kielbasa strip steak flank meatloaf. Shoulder tri-tip pork chop ground round jowl pig meatball shankle sirloin pork loin filet mignon kielbasa turkey jerky ham hock. Spare ribs beef pork meatball pancetta. Pancetta shoulder jerky turducken bresaola corned beef, kevin tongue.

BMX Halloween Jam

Sunday October 26th 12 noon- 5:00pm. Pork chop tri-tip bacon tenderloin pastrami, prosciutto shank salami. Pork chop ground round leberkas, cow tongue pig shoulder prosciutto ham hock kevin tenderloin kielbasa short ribs flank. Doner leberkas swine shoulder short loin. Ham hock drumstick turkey turducken capicola, frankfurter landjaeger pork chop ribeye tri-tip tenderloin chuck tail.