Tommy Gillette 3 trick fix

Heres 3 tricks down a gap at 5050 filmed by Sahbastian Brann.

Aidan Sanchez Campo’s Web Edit at 5050 Skatepark

A web edit filmed at 5050skatepark filmed and edited by Tommy Gillette. Follow me on instagram @aidansanchezcampo

Jon Reyes switched sponsors to Envy Scooter

Jon Reyes switched sponsors to Envy Scooters. This is his announcement video.

Throwback Thursday Harlem Shake 5050 Skatepark

Ryan Humphrey Show in Brooklyn

image@humphreyindustries show tomorrow in #Brooklyn 111 Front St 6pm – 9pm

#yoursecondhome Edit

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Adrienne the newest member to 5050 Skatepark Family


Adrienne the newest member to 5050 Skatepark Family.

She was born on Sunday November 2, 2014 at 1300 Hours.

60 seconds at 5050 Skatepark

Sahbastian Brann and I filmed a minute long edit at the park, fortunately we filmed on a day that it was not packed.

Tommy Gillette 5050 Skatepark Edit

This edit of me was filmed last year around this time. Enjoy

“Chinatown” Feat. A$AP Ferg – Live From the Streets (Episode 2)

Mr. Green is back again with a new batch of tight collaborators, this time hooking up with A$AP Ferg. Read on for a statement from Green himself.

“This might come as a surprise but I like to trap music, it’s dope. I’m a boom bap dude at heart but there is something crazy exciting about trap music that i can’t get enough of. I’m not sure if it’s the sub bass, the fast hi-hats or the ridiculous chants that the artist say over and over but I’m feeling it.

When my people from VICE/Noisey told me A$AP Ferg wanted to do an episode I was all the way down. I immediately sat for a couple hours and chopped some samples I got from Chinatown and put the beat together.

A couple days later me, Sam and the crew headed uptown to Polo Grounds studio to meet Ferg. He was mad cool. We immediately hit it off and started talking about growing up riding bikes and how the bmx/skate worlds overlap into hip hop and the music industry. It kind of felt like I was talking to one of my friends I grew up skating with and not some mainstream rapper/celebrity dude. He did a couple crazy verses and a hook about riding bikes and then we took off.

Ferg and I have a mutual friend Nigel Sylvester (who I know through Animal Bikes) so, while i was making the track, I met up with him. We recorded some bikes sounds and then I threw them in the mix.

Finally, we checked out Animal Street jam in Newark and got a bunch of dope footage.

Shout out to Gabby, Nigel, Vice/Noisey, Ferg and the whole A$AP Mob, Animal Bikes, Ralph Sinisi & everyone that attended the 2014 Animal Street Jam in Newark.”

– Green

Mike Shane Fire Sale