Drove down to freedom skate park in Medford, New Jersey just the big boy and myself and we were planning to meet up with Jared. The day started off with big boy playing his Didgerieoo in the parking lot and singing a song about a beautiful summer day here in May! Next we started to make our way to the skate park and big boy no only had his BMX bike but also his skateboard. It was really windy outside one of the windiest days we ever rode a skate park not only does make it hard to film but it makes it very dangerous to ride your bike, but that didn’t scare big boy from getting a flair challenge in straight away! Text of big boy jumped on his skateboard and decided to give that a try and he actually learned a new trick have to do a board slide on the skateboard! Finally Jared joined us he rolled into the skate park parking lot with his Mazda speed 3 that has 300 wheel horsepower! Jared got straight to work by doing crazy technical tricks that only Jared can do! Next up I challenged big boy to try a backflip out of the concrete bowl and he was terrified but eventually he tried it and got it! He also got redemption on me bunny hop over the wooden railing that he crashed on the first time we came to this skate park! After the boys were done riding Jared to big boy for a ride in his Mazda to show big boy how fast it is! Big boy loved it! We had so much fun riding the skate park and we are definitely coming back this summer!



On October 12th, 2016 Scotty, Ronny, and I(Big Boy) arrived in Las Vegas for the monster cup. It was a free day and we only had a couple more hours of daylight so we decided to go film a video for the channel. The session was going amazing until the accident. Scotty suffered from a fluke crash that no one could have prepared for and ended up needing to be rushed to the hospital. Ronny and I stayed the night with him until his wife and father arrived the next day. The first day we arrived at the hospital he was in rough shape, the second day he was making improvements but still having some major issues, and by the third day he is acting more like himself and is making amazing progress. The road 2 recovery is fundraising money for Scotty to cover a majority of his expenses so that he can get the best treatment possible. Please everyone have Scotty in your thoughts and with all of your positive vibes he will pull through. Regarding the channel Scotty’s wife has asked if I would continue it while he is hurt. I am going to 100% going to keep it going because I know nothing would make him happier because he loves all of you that follow our channel like a family. I will try to get as many videos out but they might not be daily and I am flying back to New Jersey tomorrow so there will be a little break until I get back and get everything all sorted. This channel means the world to Scotty and we are going to keep it going for him and I ask you guys to stick with us through this tough time and continue to support the crew and we will be able to accomplish anything. -BIGBOY


SCOTTY CRANMER Video From The Joe Tiseo Memorial Jam