TCU TV – Ed Pollio on BMX vs Scooters & NYC’s Only Indoor Skatepark


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Red Bull Edwin DeLaRosa – Streets & Avenues

LFS 2 Trailer

I can’t wait till this comes out!

See LFS full LFS 2 Feature article ‘Mapping It and Smashing it’ here.…

LFS Private Session at 5050 Skatepark

Edit by Brandon Bermudez Films


STill Out Here Video Premiere Saturday at 8pm

Still Out Here 5050 Skatepark New York Flyer jpg

Filmed and edited by Fernando Gomarín Olaiz starring Jaime Gonzalez, Mirco Andreani, Michal Smelko, Mati Lasgoity and Diego “Mono” Navarro.
Guest starring Martin Svodoba, Quique Rico, “Frenchie”, Santiago Arano, Luciano Masetti, Vicente Candel, Leandro Gardos, “Chase de Mataro”, Moises Sanchez, Joan Pere, Adrian Serrano, Mauro Bustamante, Vita Kacha, Fabian Bader, Killian Roth.
Special appearance by Simone Barraco, Fernando Laczko, Dan Lacey, Dakota Roche and Ty Morrow.