BMX- Throwback – Zack Gerber at 5050 skatepark

Zack Gerber at 5050 skatepark filmed and edited by Chris Marshall.
5050 Skatepark is New York City’s only indoor Skatepark.

The Last Animal Bikes Jam Photos

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5050 Skatepark Slideshow Photos

5050 Skatepark Slideshow photos. If you have ever been to 5050 Skatepark, you may have made it in here! Check out pictures from as far back as the designing of the original park!

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Photos by Rob Dolecki, Mike Shane, Nick Jones, Krispher Johnson, Chris Marshall, Ed Pollio, Angelica Popolano,Tom Grunwald, Alexis Herrera, BREATHEcast, Refinery29, Tom Nazzaro, Valentino Scaramella, Rich Vossler, Paula Lobo, Gina Sherry, Lauren Steussy, Scott Marceau, Jay Maldonado, Carol Mittelsdorf, Michael Irving, Eric Isakson, and Margie Soto


Zack Gerber at 5050 skatepark

Zack Gerber at 5050 skatepark
Film / Edit by Chris Marshall