Halloween Jam Photos by Eric Isaksen

Halloween Jam


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Please Update Your Waiver!

Hey everyone!
If you are planning to come to the Halloween Jam tomorrow and haven’t been to 5050 Skatepark in the last year, PLEASE take a few minutes to update your waiver online so you don’t have to do it the day of. Just visit and click the green button at the lower right hand side. THANK YOU!

FYI We do not accept paper waivers. All must be filled out online.




Support Local and buy the The Michael Luzzi Synthesis Pro Scooter Deck here at 5050 Skatepark or online.

It is the very first signature product offering from Fuzion scooters. Michael hand picked his colorway and had full creative direction of his graphic. The Synthesis deck features our innovative Dog-Bone rails, Head-tube cutout and signature concave. This deck is durable, light andmeasures 20.5 long by 4.5 wide.


TG-6061 Aluminum Construction
Includes Fuzion Flex Brake
Dog-Bone Concave
Includes rear Hardware

Anthony Cataldo’s 2016 Scooter Edit

Anthony Cataldo : Welcome To Chula Vista Scooters

This edit is Crazy! Congrats to Anthony Cataldo!

5050 Skatepark Youtube Channel


We changed some thing on our youtube channel.
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So far this summer 5050 Skatepark has been doing good with hosting our annual summer camp. For the people who haven’t seen summer camp in action, wouldn’t you want to!! Well we started 5050 Skatepark “Vlogs”. This is basically a video hosted by local riders and camp counselors Stephen La Rosa, Cameron Robbins, and Anthony Cataldo give you a inside sneak peak of the crazy 5050 SUMMER SESSIONS!!! Go click the link attached and go watch the first video.

ISA WORLD FINALS BLOW UP SCOOTER COMMUNITY!!!! Over this past week, professional scooter riders from all around the world traveled either on there own or by there sponsors to Spain to compete in the world finals. At the end it turned out that everyone still had fun and Grit rider Jordan Clark took place of now 2nd time world champion. Go check out more of our website to find more interesting content!!!!!


Two of the best UK riders, Dakota Schuetz, and Terry Price throw it down in a calling the shots video posted yesterday. Some crazy tricks are thrown so watch the video and check out some of our videos too!!!


Local shredder 5050 took the time to pull out the iPhone and film some killer clips. Put it all together and threw it up onto youtube. go like and subscribe to his channel and check out more of our videos too. Good job James, you killed it!!!

Autism Awareness Fundrasied $1,600.00

5050 Skatepark

354 Front Street

Staten Island NY 10304


Your Second Home



                                              Press Release

April 27th, 2016

5050 Skatepark and Your Second Home’s Autism Awareness Fundraiser on Tuesday April 26th was a great success! Together we raised $1,600.00 for Eden II Programs to purchase various supplies for students. For over 40 years, Eden II strives to provide the maximum help possible to the autism community through education, adult day programs, residential care, family support, respite, and a number of other services.

Thank you to Party Bliss LLC for donating costumes and event supplies, Projectivity for creating the interactive puzzle wall painting and video, Tiffany Porcu local artist – face painter, Bari’s Pizzeria for donating food, event coordinator Amanda Cleary, raffle organizer Pauline La Rosa, and 5050 Team for volunteering their time.

Our vendors LuvNix, My Friend Henry – Book, Genevieve’s Floating Lockets of Love, Stereotype Co.

Raffle donations from JoJo Cee Photography, The Crazy Taco Tequila Bar, Retro Fitness, Cutest Cookies, Megan Padovano Designs, The Groom Room Pet Salon, The Children’s Museum, A.F.Bennett, Makeovers, Pinot’s Palette, Serenity Salon, Espo’s Powder Coating, Arirang, Aunt Butchies, Benvenuti Restaurant, Eggers, Kid’s in Shape, Panera Bread, Patrizia’s Restaurant, Roller Jam, Smash Burger, Stop & Shop, Studio Bella Salon, Cosmic Nails, Alfonso’s Bakery, Perkins, and all our friends and family who donated their time and money to make a basket.

Thank you,

Angelica Popolano

WMBE 5050 Skatepark LLC


Here is a link to the Recap Photos.

Video coming soon!


A video posted yesterday by youtube channel BG MEDIA, explains exactly the inside to the 5 different types of scooter riders. As a scooter rider myself, this actually makes me laugh because everything is honestly true. Go check out the video on his channel and look here for more scooter posts.