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Top 5 Reasons To Shop Local

When you buy a complete bike, skateboard or scooter from 5050 Skatepark.. 1. You know you are getting a quality product. 2. The headache of having to build it has been taken care of for you. 3. Shipping has been paid for you. 4. When you have an issue, we will help you fix it. […]

Holiday Gift Cards

When you’re not sure what to get that special some for the holidays, get them a 5050 Skatepark gift card. Cards can be used as a credit card to purchase anything in the shop as well as pay for admission. Best of all, they are reloadable!

Lots Going On This Weekend

Friday 11/18 Projectivity Musication 4 Saturday 11/19 5050 Skatepark Scooter Jam This will not be a serious competition, just a fun day where scooter riders can have the entire park to themselves, get to meet other riders, scooter professionals, and leave with some free stuff. Sunday 11/20 Odyssey BMX Video Premiere