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Riders are Bupsy, Cameron Robbins, Steven Quigley, Spencer Lonergan, Tommy Vanz, Thomas Mahoney, Dom Simoncin, Jay R Willy, Alex Avilla, and Lucas Rusinak, Filmed by Cameron Robbins, Dom Simoncini, Edit by Cameron Robbins and Ed Pollio.


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Kevin Robinson: A K-Rob Tribute by X Games

Following the death of X Games gold medalist Kevin Robinson, the “World of X Games” reflects on the life and influence of a true BMX legend. SUBSCRIBE ► X Games has been spreading the shred in action sports since 1995. For more coverage and highlights visit our official homepage at

The USA Officially Has a Freestyle BMX Team


Well well well, big news coming out of the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs: the United States officially has a freestyle BMX team! This is still super early in the process and apparently people could be off and on the team up until the 2020 games, but its awesome to see nonetheless. Here’s what Kyle Carlson had to say:

Yesterday in Colorado Springs at The Olympic Training Center, USA Cycling named the following riders as members of their national team –

Nick Bruce
Colton Walker
Daniel Sandoval
Pat Casey
Justin Dowell
Hannah Roberts
Angie Marino
Cory Coffey

Along with naming the team, the athletes (and I, for some reason) got to explore the amenities The Olympic Training Center had to offer. From nutritionists to psychologists to masseuses – and much, much more – the riders have access to countless tools to maximize their abilities.

Is it weird? Yeah. Well, I take that back. No. It’s just new. New to us, that is. US Olympians have been using these tools for many years and have a whole lot of medals to show for it. With freestyle BMX officially becoming an Olympic sport, it only makes sense that – if they so choose – these riders will have access to all of the same things.

In addition to access to The Olympic Training Center, USA Cycling is also supporting the athletes financially. Pending their placings throughout the year, the athletes will land in one of three tiers. The top-tier athletes will receive benefits like fully-covered travel and even paychecks (a little over $2,000-per-month). All of the riders can receive monetary bonuses with good performances at major events.

To put it lightly, all of the riders were stoked at the opportunity to receive more much-needed support.

While this sounds great – and it is – the USA Cycling National Team is reevaluated quarterly. If a rider continues delivering favorable results, they have potential to grow with the team. If their results are less than stellar, they may fall to a lower tier of benefits or even be removed from the team entirely. There’s a good chance that the team in December of 2018 will look drastically different than this recently-announced team. Also, on the flip side, if riders not currently included from The United States are able to make a big impact, they can earn their way onto the team throughout the year. Competition is brutal!

While freestyle is young at USA Cycling and the majority of the people within the office walls are just starting to get familiar with it, I found my experience there enjoyable and promising. They don’t know much and they know they don’t know much. They’re open and they listen. That’s huge. If these guys came in thinking they knew how to run things, the entire US program would surely suffer. The higher-ups admit it’s a work in progress and, as time moves forward, I think we’ll be seeing more positive things coming from the crew.

Also, before you ask, I did discuss a freestyle training facility with USA Cycling. There aren’t currently any solid plans in place, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we saw something before The Olympics in 2020.

The future is bright. Thanks to USA Cycling for having me out and congratulations to all of the riders on taking their next formal steps in this new direction.


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Saturday Events 12/16

There’s a private party Saturday morning 11am-1pm, so the park will not open to the public until 1 pm. At 6 pm, the LFS Holiday Jam will begin. Jam is open to everyone.

Living Outside the Comfort Zone | Kevin Robinson | TEDxProvidence

Today is a really sad day for our culture.

Kevin is and always will be a big influence for us here at 5050 and will be greatly missed.

Please take a few minutes and watch this Ted Talk he did.

Rest in piece Kevin Robinson.

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