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Summer is here and the fun is just getting started at MULLALY! We have some big plans for the year, and recently had Dellavalle Designs build us a new pump track area, and we built some new ramps in the main part of the park as well as having our resurfaced floor. In addition to having a great volunteer day with Partnership for Parks where we repainted and fixed up the park.

This weekend we are back for Sunday Funday on the Grand Concourse with Boogie on the Boulevard programming. We will have a course designed by Jim Dellavalle set up to teach new riders how to maneuver on STRIDER Balance Bikes and keep them safe with Nutcase Helmets. Come out and have fun, there will also be art, a lawn, face painting, and more.

Saturday June 25th we will also be setting up a STRIDER adventure zone in Hunt’s Point at Summerfest. The address is 765 Manida St, Bronx, NY 10474

ISA WORLD FINALS BLOW UP SCOOTER COMMUNITY!!!! Over this past week, professional scooter riders from all around the world traveled either on there own or by there sponsors to Spain to compete in the world finals. At the end it turned out that everyone still had fun and Grit rider Jordan Clark took place of now 2nd time world champion. Go check out more of our website to find more interesting content!!!!!

NY Grands 2016 BMX Race June 26th, 2016


This Sunday June 26th 7:00 PM at Anthology Film Archive will be a BMX race to Tender Trap in Brooklyn with one checkpoint on the way. To enter you must attend the BMX screening of the Bicycle Film Festival at Anthology Film Archive. Cash prizes and custom DDR number plates. Finish line dance party is at Tender Trap in Brooklyn 66 Greenpoint Ave. BMX only 20/22/24
Thank you, high five!

Private Party Sunday


Council Woman Debi Rose Town Hall meeting at 5050 Skatepark Monday at 630

Debi Rose Workshop at 5050 Skatepark


Except below from Debi Rose Facebook Page.

We are currently moving forward with a process that will address the need for affordable housing, while reshaping an underutilized section of the North Shore known as the Bay Street Corridor. If passed, my hope is that this rezoning will provide additional opportunities for residents as well as amenities for the adjacent neighborhoods.

In addition, because this is a land use process, we have the opportunity to also address our infrastructure needs.  I have been clear since the beginning of this process that we cannot increase density without guarantees from the city that we will have the public transportation, school seats, health care facilities, recreation facilities, street lighting and other infrastructure components necessary to support our district, today and in the future.

To hear any concerns that local residents may have, I have scheduled a town hall for Monday, June 13 at 5050 Skatepark, 354 Front St. I hope to see you there!

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