Animal Bikes NYC street jam

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Animal bikes are holding another street jam in NYC this Friday night, you don’t want to miss it!

BMX- King Of New York 2016 Photos

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Here are the 2016 King of New York results:

Best trick on the box jump:
1. Casey Starling
2. Justin Dowell
3. Lucas Rusinak
4. Alex Avilla
5. Mike Mehan

Best trick on the rail:
1. Alex Avilla
2. Casey Starling
3. Mike Mehan
4. Chris Angotti
5. Steve Quigley

Best trick in the park:
1. Justin Dowell
2. Mike Mehan
3. Ryan Dowell
4. Steve Quigley
5. Spencer Lonergan

Rider of the night/King of New York:
1. Casey Starling
2. Alex Avilla
3. Justin Dowell


Atlanta native, Freako Rico, is a symbol of the city’s unrefined elements. His artistic spirit is undoubtedly true-to-self, yet uncanny in its relevancy. His works are as iconic and distinctive as his personality. Freako’s unapologetic nature is something that is refreshing; especially, living amongst the constant smoozing that takes place within any major city. I sat down to talk with Freako at El’Myr to gain some insight into his background and to learn about what motivates him. Continue reading for the full interview below.


How did your passion for art come about?

I mean I was a kid. Honestly, I can’t explain that one. You know what? I’ve been doing art since I was a kid. I’m talking like four. I was addicted to it at a young age, drawing and making shit. I liked drawing stuff and showing people. So that’s been going on since I was a little kid. I wasn’t drawing the stuff, then, and keeping them. I was drawing my family, my pops, my brother and giving it to them. It was on anything, any type of paper. I remember drawing on my dad’s bills. I think he still has a couple of them. Yeah, messing up his shit, but I didn’t know. It was just paper. It was just passion early. It was harvested in grade school because I had some decent teachers that would tell my parents, “yo when he draws it’s different then everyone else.”

Read the whole thing here.


The Animal team went out to Athens, Greece for some street riding in the sun with their squad consisting of Mark Gralla, Abdul Fofanah and local connect, John Manaras and in the true Animal way they proceeded to grind the shit out of everything in sight.

Filmed by Anas Mansour, edited by Navaz

Scooter – Lucky Scooters Ryan Myers Edit

BMX- DailyCruise 9: With Billy Perry



Nate Wessel talks about designing Simple Session courses

5050 Skatepark Cross Country Trip to Death Valley

Rodney Rocha and Ed Pollio take a Cross Country Trip.They Visit Wisconsin, Minnesota, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Wyoming, Denver, Death Valley, California Check out this edit from the Trip.

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