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NY Times Article on 5050 Skatepark

For the skaters of New York, winter was particularly cruel: Gray snow forming crust on skateable surfaces, railings glazed by ice. And all that wetness just destroys your bearings. The savvier skateboarders and scooter riders, or at least those who want to practice their tricks in a more hospitable climate, might head to Stapleton, on […]

5050 Skatepark Song Promo

5050 Skatepark Song Promo Ed Pollio Reached out to Chris Reinch Founder of Projectivity to make a song for 5050 Skatepark. Check out the promo here. Big thanks to Josh Glazer www.jglazeproductions.com ​and​ ​Chris Reinsch http://theprojectivitymovement.org/​ Please Share Remember Sharing is Caring!

Randy Rush 5050 Skatepark Interview

Charlie Quigley sits down with Randy Rush for a 5050 Skatepark Interview. They talk about how Ed Wonka created the Scene for Freestyle Fixed Gear. Why he loves Staten Island and how he chipped his tooth. Please Share Remember Sharing is Caring!

Still Out Here Video Premeire at 5050 Skatepark

Still Out Here Video Premeire at 5050 Skatepark on SATURDAY JANUARY 17TH AT 8PM TO 10PM $10 TO GET IN AND RIDE Still Out Here Video Filmed and edited by Fernando Gomarín Olaiz starring Jaime Gonzalez, Mirco Andreani, Michal Smelko, Mati Lasgoity and Diego “Mono” Navarro. Guest starring Martin Svodoba, Quique Rico, “Frenchie”, Santiago Arano, […]

Marc Kachtan AKA Bupsy 5050 Skatepark Interview

Ed Pollio Sits down with Marc Kachtan for a 5050 Skatepark Staff interview They talk about his role in 5050, Shitty Logo Flips, his signature Blue Helmet and his future plans for his new Company Blue Dome Solutions which is named after his helmet his friend Jimmy gave him when he was a kid.. Please […]

BMX- 5050 Skatepark- Christmas Edit

Instead of hanging out with the family all Christmas Day. 5050 Skatepark locals all met up on Christmas Day and Paul Marten Filmed and Edited this Cool Edit. Riders Are Alex Avilla, Joe Irlinger, Henry Kropp, Charlie Quigley, and Nick Gregoreadis