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SmartHalo – Turn any bike into a smart bike

Technolgy and Bikes Meet. Check out the video.

Finally, the device also automatically detects nightfall, at which point it turns on a front-mounted headlamp. And when you stop the bike and dismount, the light turns itself off. With all that lighting up, it might seem like you’d need to recharge the device daily, but the creators of the SmartHalo claim that its battery will last up to three weeks.

SmartHalo, which will retail for $149, is available for $99 for early adopters via a Kickstarter campaign that has already reached $39,000 of its $50,000 goal. If you sign up to smarten your bike up, the makers promise to get the device to you by May of 2016.


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Brooklyn Bike Park Edit by 5050 Skatepark

Check out this Edit by the 5050 Skatepark Crew Ed Pollio, Alex Avilla, Steve Quigley, and Marc Bupsy Kachtan.
Beat by Mr Green.
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Is Google Plus Dead?

Is Google Plus Dead?

I am not sure but people look at Our Google Plus Skatepark page. We have only been open for a little over 3 years and seem to have over 472,000 views on its page. That number does not mean we have had 472,000 people at #5050skatepark. We can only Dream. It seems like G+ just can’t get its people to interact with its very easy interface. We have been trying to post when we can on it.

Maybe give it a try and follow our page too!

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DNA Info 15 Places Where You Can Keep You Kids Cool and Entertained

DNA Info 15 Places Where You Can Keep You Kids Cool and Entertained

Staten IslandCheck out the whole Story here.




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