Welcome to 5050 Skatepark

New York City’s only indoor skatepark. Located in the Stapleton neighborhood of Staten Island, only one mile from the Staten Island Ferry and around the corner from the Stapleton train station. The custom built 8,000 square foot recreation center is open year-round to all alternative sports.

At 5050 Skatepark you can expand your skills in a creative and safe environment. Daily riding sessions start at $12.00. All day rate is $20.00. Memberships, private parties, lessons, summer camp and awards contests are available throughout the year. In addition to extreme sports, 5050 Skatepark is available for private events including but not limited to: Live musical performances, photo shoots, music videos, fundraisers, and movie premieres.

All participants MUST HAVE a helmet and waiver filled out and signed by parent. Children under 11 years old should be accompanied by parent.

5050 Skatepark Song Promo

5050 Skatepark Song Promo
Ed Pollio Reached out to Chris Reinch Founder of Projectivity to make a song for 5050 Skatepark. Check out the promo here.

Big thanks to Josh Glazer
​Chris Reinsch

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Randy Rush 5050 Skatepark Interview

Charlie Quigley sits down with Randy Rush for a 5050 Skatepark Interview. They talk about how Ed Wonka created the Scene for Freestyle Fixed Gear. Why he loves Staten Island and how he chipped his tooth.

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Still Out Here Video Premeire at 5050 Skatepark

Still Out Here 5050 Skatepark New York Flyer jpg

Still Out Here Video Premeire at 5050 Skatepark on


Still Out Here Video Filmed and edited by Fernando Gomarín Olaiz starring Jaime Gonzalez, Mirco Andreani, Michal Smelko, Mati Lasgoity and Diego “Mono” Navarro.
Guest starring Martin Svodoba, Quique Rico, “Frenchie”, Santiago Arano, Luciano Masetti, Vicente Candel, Leandro Gardos, “Chase de Mataro”, Moises Sanchez, Joan Pere, Adrian Serrano, Mauro Bustamante, Vita Kacha, Fabian Bader, Killian Roth.
Special appearance by Simone Barraco, Fernando Laczko, Dan Lacey, Dakota Roche and Ty Morrow.


AO just drop there newest deck 5 months ago! Go out and buy one here at 5050 Skatepark!

Marc Kachtan AKA Bupsy 5050 Skatepark Interview

Ed Pollio Sits down with Marc Kachtan for a 5050 Skatepark Staff interview They talk about his role in 5050, Shitty Logo Flips, his signature Blue Helmet and his future plans for his new Company Blue Dome Solutions which is named after his helmet his friend Jimmy gave him when he was a kid..
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Why Flat? feat Liam Nary

If you guys were wondering why Jon Reyes rides Flat Ground,this is the video explaining why he preferes Flat Ground!

Tommy Gillette 2014

Go watch my skate part from 2014.