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Gaby Flores X Alex Avilla Split Edit

Thanksgiving Hours at #5050skatepark

Thanksgiving Flyer

5050 Skatepark x Follow the Leader BMX Trap House Edit

5050 Skatepark x Follow the Leader BMX Trap House Edit from 5050 Skatepark on Vimeo.

Check out this edit from 5050 Skatepark’s Alex Avilla and Ed Pollio as they donate some extra 5050 Skatepark ramps to the Follow the Leader’s Trap House in an unknown location.

Check out the write up by Mass Appeal.

Mass Appeal post




Tristan Funkhouser in PAPES N TAPES

Check out Tristan Funkhouser in PAPES N TAPES.

Your Second Home Hoodie

IMG_0121Your Second Home Hoodie

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Front 5-0 on the A-frame ledge.



A photo of me doing a 5-0 on the A-frame ledge.

5050 Skatepark 2014 Halloween Jam Edit

Mass Appeal On The Grind Winter Blues Episode 3 at 5050 Skatepark

Its getting to be that time of year again. This is a video that Mass Appeal put out last winter of some of the skaters on Shut Skateboards, here at the park.

Check out 5050 Skatepark’s New Fall x Winter Line

Fall-Winter Line
Check out our new Fall x Winter Line

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Ed Pollio interview by Scott marceau for the The Come Up


Ed Pollio might not be a household name, but without him, there might not be a house in which to hold anything, especially in New York City. For those of you who know Ed already, there’s no need to read this first paragraph- you already know he’s the friendliest guy, maybe ever, anywhere. He’s never not smiling and always willing to lend a helping hand. He is constantly building something, tinkering, laughing or talking up anyone who is around for a good conversation. He knows what he loves and he loves what he does. The things that Ed has done for BMX in New York City are pivotal and important (e.g. creating the only indoor skatepark in NYC) but go largely unnoticed because of Staten Island’s physical disconnection from the mainland boroughs.

If there’s one thing that Ed is truly passionate about, it’s passion. He wants to see people enjoying what they’re doing at all times and building 5050 Skatepark from the ground up was a great way to assure that he’d always be surrounded by fun and progression. When he’s not at the helm there, his wife Angelica- and Jasper the dog- are the ones greeting you at the door with a gregarious attitude which, when combined with Ed’s, makes 5050 feel like a home away from home (but sometimes a bustling daycare center). You’d be hard pressed to find a more welcoming place in Staten Island. And speaking of combining Ed and Angelica, they just added a healthy baby girl to their family…



God Made A Skateboarder

One of the coolest videos I’ve seen, based on a commercial for a truck.