Haunted Skatepark Halloween Show ’15


5050 Skatepark presents Cobra Sun Studio’s

Haunted Skatepark Halloween Show!

Featuring performances by:

Rising Sun All Stars


Frank Castle






The Sheltering Sky 666






Best Costume contest!  $100 each for best male and female costume Admission $10

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Recap- 5050 Skatepark Show with Pussywolf, Dead Wrestlers, Barone, T&C, and Rising Sun Allstars.

Mike Shane’s Fire Sale edit

Staten Island photographer Mike Shane‘s “Fire Sale” was a bona fide success, attracting a genuinely diverse all-ages audience —€” and we’re not just talking teens and 20-somethings here. Everyone from fourth-graders in skate helmets to senior citizens showed up to bid on Shane’s evocative, mostly black-and-white, works of art.

“Fire Sale” — a hybrid of visuals, DJ danceteria, live music and neo-vaudeville side show — was geared as an “Everything Must Go!” way to raise funds for Shane’s future photographic adventures as he expands his horizons beyond the borough.

Live performances by Tache De La Roche (New Orleans) and Pussywolf (NYC).

Song: Rising Sun All Stars – I Want You
Film/Edit by Brandon Bermudez Films.

Check it out.