Tommy Gillette 2016


Check out this street montage that me and some friends put together of footage from the past couple months.

Locals Only Video by Tommy Gillette

Backyard Halfpipe

5050 Skatepark came 1100 miles to visit me in Louisiana, and while they were here, we built a 16 foot wide, 4 foot tall half pipe in my backyard. Heres a time-lapse of the process.

Tommy Gillette and Aidan Sanchez-Campo “Locals Only” Remix

The first time I ever went to the Ben Soto Skatepark in Staten Island, I met Aidan, and six years later, at my last time at 5050 Skatepark, Aidan was with me. Although he scooters and I skate, Aidan has been my best friend throughout my time living in Staten Island. It’s crazy how a skatepark brings people together for the same reason, and its crazy how much the skatepark can impact ones life. The friends you make at the skatepark will be your best friends no matter how close or far away you are from them, for the rest of your life.


About two months ago, I moved from Staten Island down to Louisiana, this is an edit from a few parks that I’ve been skating along with some new friends.

5050 Skatepark “Locals Only” Video by Tommy Gillette


Check out the Local Only Video. It has all the Locals from 5050 Skatepark in 1 Video.

Thanks Tommy Gillette


5050 Skatepark “Locals Only” Video by Tommy Gillette

Check out the 5050 Skatepark  “Locals Only” Video Here. Remember sharing is caring.


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Check Out This Quick 5050 SKATEPARK BARRIER EDIT

Tommy Gillette and Sahbastian Brann

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