TORRO! Skateboards Proudly Presents “CRUDO” (2018)


TORRO! Pros Leo Heinert and Luis Tolentino went uptown to get their skate on at the 181 skate park in Washington Heights, NY. clip Here’s a clip of their session. Enjoy! Directed by: Ben Orisich Filmed by: Rodney Torres & Adam Carboni Edited by: Rodney Torres Music by: Marvin Gaye “Inner City Blues”

Torro Skateboards Proudly Welcomes Luis Tolentino (2018)

What’s Your Story? – Leo Heinert – Skateboarding

What’s Your Story? – Leo Heinert – Skateboarding
Leo Heinart sits down and talks about how he watched Tony Hawk on TRL and that inspired him to start Skating. How Skating is a part of him and what it means to him. He talks about his real estate job and people from Boston are moving here to Crime scenes/ Apartments in Brooklyn.

Film/ Edit by Ed Pollio

Don’t have time to watch Listen to it here on Soundcloud.

TORRO! NYC x 5050 Skate Park (2016)


The TORRO! crew embarks to Staten Island, NY for a few sessions at 5050 Skate Park “New York City’s only indoor skate park”. This video goes! Watch it to see what went down.

TORRO! NYC x 5050 Skate Park:
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