Merritt BMX Jam at 5050 Skatepark May 1st


Merritt Rail Jam
May 2nd @ 5Pm- 10Pm 
Ride with the Merritt Team @ 5050 Skatepark 
$12 To get in lots of giveaways 
Best Trick & Rail Contest 
Cash Prize for 1st Place
Check out the edit from last years shop tour with the Merritt team at 5050 Skatepark.

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Or get a Early Bird Discount and a free can of Redbull at the Door if you order tickets here on our event bright page.

5050 Skatepark Best Pizzeria In Staten Island Contest

The best thing about Staten Island, besides 5050 Skatepark is it’s pizza. We will be conducting a contest rating the top 10 best pizzerias on Staten Island. We started with Dominico’s in Princess Bay. Rated a 7 out of 8 Slices. Email us @ your favorite pizzeria and we will go there! #5050skatepark #statenisland #pizza #pizzaria #bestpizzariacontest



Birdhouse’s “Midwest Tour” video

Check out Birdhouse Skateboards Midwest Tour edit from about month ago.

Brandon Westgate – Welcome the Family

Check out Brandon Westgate’s welcome to Element Skateboards edit, recently off of Zoo York.

Max Geronzi’s “Gypsy Life” Cliché Part

Check out Max Geronzi’s part from Cliché’s new video Gypsy Life, its pretty sick.

I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM (Full Movie)

In reaction to the big business run companies of BMX in the early 90’s, 17-year-old Steve Crandall started a company of his own called Fat Bald Men (FBM). What began as selling t-shirts out of a backpack has turned into one of the most well respected DIY bicycle companies around. Through fortune and misfortune follow FBM through their 15 years of mayhem as told by Steve Crandall and the rest of the BMX bicycle community from close friends to influential Icons like Dave Mirra and Mat Hoffman.



Working in this industry you always start things with the idea that everything will work out perfect. In most case you end up facing hurdles and you have to strive to get things accomplished. We had just wrapped up an interview with Van for a sports based feature in Front Magazine. If anyone is familiar with Front it’s more of lads n tits type of mag but they certainly had a great reach and we thought it could be fun to do. Everything was set in motion, the interview was done, Van got some photos with his dog and then, right when we really didn’t expect it the magazine went bankrupt and the interview was hypothetically lost at sea with no place to moor.

After a few attempts to get the interview featured in other publications we ended up drifting away from the idea and working on other things. Since then it’s always been on my mind to find the interview and bring these cool photos to life. So here it is, finally.
Intro Paul Robinson / Photos Ryan Scott

Whole Story Here.

Check it out!

Madd Gear Big Air Finals Edit