Lost Clips #1 With VIn Roselli and Steve Quigley

5050 Skatepark Oldman Night 12-22-16

Riders Are Paul Martin, Chris Angotti, Charlie Quigley, Cameron Robins, Ed Pollio, Steve Quigley, Alex Avilla.
Song – Studio by NAS and School Boy Q
Edit by Ed Pollio/ Charlie Quigley

BMX Riding with the Lost Boyz at 5050 Skatepark

Riders Charlie Quigley, Dom Simoncini, Alex Avilla, and Lucas (hippy) Rusinak

Filmed by Riders Edit by Charlie Quigley


Thanks to Bail Zombie for the sick Edit!

Riders Steve Quigley, Dom Simoncini, Alex Avilla, Casey Sterling, Mikey “SMALLFRY” Almodovar, Charlie Quigley, Spencer Lonergan, Jeff With Glasses, and John Bosco

FBM Machine Shop Tour

BMX- King Of New York 2016 Photos

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Here are the 2016 King of New York results:

Best trick on the box jump:
1. Casey Starling
2. Justin Dowell
3. Lucas Rusinak
4. Alex Avilla
5. Mike Mehan

Best trick on the rail:
1. Alex Avilla
2. Casey Starling
3. Mike Mehan
4. Chris Angotti
5. Steve Quigley

Best trick in the park:
1. Justin Dowell
2. Mike Mehan
3. Ryan Dowell
4. Steve Quigley
5. Spencer Lonergan

Rider of the night/King of New York:
1. Casey Starling
2. Alex Avilla
3. Justin Dowell

What’s Your Story? #4 – Steve Quigley

What’s Your Story? – Steve Quigley – BMX Rider
Steve sits down and talks about how he saves money and got into BMX Riding when his friend dragged him to church and then rode the skatepark in the morning before everyone else got there. This is a really funny one. Please listen and Share with your friends.
Filmed/ Edit by Ed Pollio

If you don’t have time to watch the Video listen to it on Soundcloud here. 

Last Years 5050 Skatepark Halloween Jam

Brooklyn Bike Park Edit by 5050 Skatepark

Check out this Edit by the 5050 Skatepark Crew Ed Pollio, Alex Avilla, Steve Quigley, and Marc Bupsy Kachtan.
Beat by Mr Green.
Edit by Ed Pollio.

Steve Quigley at Summer Sessions

steve copy

We are proud to Announce that Steve Quigley is going to be at 5050 Skatepark Summer Sessions on July 7, 8, and 9th.

Register here.

Follow Steve at @stevequigleyYEW

Steve Quigley Interview