Dom Simoncini BIKE LIFE! PT2

Tiki Boys Shred Louisville

Cameron Robbins, Charlie Quigley and Lucas Rusinak leave New York and hit up Louisville Extreme Park and the Louisville Mega Cavern dirt jumps both of which are really sick places to ride.

5050 Skatepark Oldman Night 12-22-16

Riders Are Paul Martin, Chris Angotti, Charlie Quigley, Cameron Robins, Ed Pollio, Steve Quigley, Alex Avilla.
Song – Studio by NAS and School Boy Q
Edit by Ed Pollio/ Charlie Quigley

BMX- Charlie Quigley and John Santorelli Spilt Edit

BMX – 5050 Edit by Lucas Rusinak ShareEmbedEmai

Lucas Rusinak made this edit of his clips from 5050 Skatepark.
check it out and Share it.

Riders are Lucas Rusinak, Alex Avilla, Dom Simoncini, Charlie Quigley, Steve Quigley, Casey Sterling, Chris Special Dolan, Chris Angotti, Nick Gregoreadis, Mike Mehan, Doroba, Bupsy aka bupsy doodle, Nick Ponterio aka Spam, and Mikey Almodvar aka Smallfry

BMX Riding with the Lost Boyz at 5050 Skatepark

Riders Charlie Quigley, Dom Simoncini, Alex Avilla, and Lucas (hippy) Rusinak

Filmed by Riders Edit by Charlie Quigley


Thanks to Bail Zombie for the sick Edit!

Riders Steve Quigley, Dom Simoncini, Alex Avilla, Casey Sterling, Mikey “SMALLFRY” Almodovar, Charlie Quigley, Spencer Lonergan, Jeff With Glasses, and John Bosco

Hoi An Live

Hoi An Live at 5050 Skatepark
5050 Skatepark Presents Music Video Featuring Mike DiBenedetto and AJ Pantaleo of Bueno. Performing their drone piece “Hoi An” inside 5050 Skatepark.
All audio was recorded live to capture the ambiance and natural reverb of the space, along with full range of motion camera to produce a performance like no other.
AJ Pantaleo on Drums Mike DiBenedetto on Guitar.
Filmed at New York Cities Only Indoor Skatepark and the coolest event space.
Filmed by Matt Zambito, Charlie Quigley, Ed Pollio, AJ Pantaleo, Edited by Ed Pollio


5050 Skatepark 2014 Halloween Jam Edit.

How To Break In New Shoes

Steve Quigley Interview

BMX- 5050 Skatepark- Christmas Edit

Instead of hanging out with the family all Christmas Day. 5050 Skatepark locals all met up on Christmas Day and Paul Marten Filmed and Edited this Cool Edit.
Riders Are Alex Avilla, Joe Irlinger, Henry Kropp, Charlie Quigley, and Nick Gregoreadis