NIGEL SYLVESTER: GO – DUBAI article on BMX Rider Nigel Sylvester

Sitting in his favorite seat in the corner of the parlor room at trendy Ludlow House in Manhattan’s even trendier Lower East Side, Nigel Sylvester sips green tea and contemplates his next move.

The ‘it guy’ of BMXing has spent the entire morning at the post office mailing out the first batch of orders from his merchandise line.

The athlete is one of the few black professional BMX riders and is an even rarer feature of the sport: he’s just made the Forbes Top 30 under 30 list. All this despite the fact that he doesn’t even take part in competitions.

Nigel has seemingly built his entire brand through social media and explained, after kindly asking a waitress for a few extra biscuits to go with his tea, that he’s done everything on his own without a PR manager.

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