BMX- King Of New York 2016 Recap Edit

Here is a link to the Photo Gallery.

And here are the 2016 King of New York results:

Best trick on the box jump:
1. Casey Sterling
2. Justin Dowell
3. Lucas Rusinak
4. Alex Avilla
5. Mike Mehan

Best trick on the rail:
1. Alex Avilla
2. Casey Sterling
3. Mike Mehan
4. Chris Angotti
5. Steve Quigley

Best trick in the park:
1. Justin Dowell
2. Mike Mehan
3. Ryan Dowell
4. Steve Quigley
5. Spencer Lonergan

Rider of the night/King of New York:
1. Casey Sterling
2. Alex Avilla
3. Justin Dowell
Filmed and Edit by Brandon Bermudez Media

Thanks to Redbull and GT Bikes
and Animal Bikes, Kink Bikes, Looking for Spots, Oddyssey, Primo, Stranger, Sunday Bikes , and Triple 8 Helmets


Augie is really a hero in his hometown. Watch it and Share it!